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Roof Repairs

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All our roofing work has a comprehensive 10-year guarantee and is undertaken by our quality tradesmen, all are time-served roofers with many years experience. Our range of roofing services includes re-roofing, new roofing, lead works, roof repairs, chimney repairs, vent tiles, soffit and ridge ventilation.

We work on all types of roofs from flat roofs and metal sheeting roofs, tiled roofs and slated roofs, gable roofs, hip roofs, mansard roofs, gambrel roofs, skillion roofs, jerkinhead roofs, butterfly roofs, bonnet roofs, saltbox roofs, sawtooth roofs, curved roofs, pyramid roofs, dome roofs and combination roofs for both domestic roofing and commercial roofing.

For all your roofing installations or repairs get in touch with the roofing team today.

When our tenant left our shop we needed roofing repairs done. Barrmuir worked around the clock to make sure the roofing repairs were done for the new tenant moving in. Thanks!

Mr Mcintyre


I needed a new roof and called Barrmuir. They were great, did the job very well and the cost was well within my budget.

Jim Kerr


My shop had a flat roof and was forever leaking. Barrmuir fixed the problem and the roof has not leaked again.

Mr Sarpong


We needed a brand new roof for our house and decided to have Barrmuir carry out the work. Thanks so much!

Mr and Mrs Watson


Roofing Repairs

We will carry out any roofing repair work on both domestic and commercial roofs, including; renovation, slating, tiling, felt repair and replacement. Other common roofing repair work is replacing guttering, doing lead work, pointing and moss removal all done to prolong the lifespan of your roof.

Other common roofing repair problems are replacing missing tiles or slates, the damage will occur to roof felt, timbers or plaster ceilings, block gutters, hips, ridges and flashings can become detached in windy weather or from being old, if pointing is not maintained, pointing and re-flaunching may be required, many roof coverings such as lead require specialist repair. Do not use unskilled labour or quick-fix materials.

Roofing Solutions

The supply and installation of velux roof windows/rooflights, Full roof re-slate, Full roof re-tile, Dry ridging/verging systems which once fitted are totally maintenance free, UPVC roofline which once installed is totally maintenance free and so much nicer than old cast iron guttering and wooden fascias, Various types of roofing lead works – supplied and fitted, Chimney Removal.

We are able to source and supply a number of natural slate styles and looks, Slate is a particularly suitable roofing material as in has an extremely low water absorption index, it is also extremely durable, slate is typically fixed by nailing it directly onto timber boards or into timber battens using copper or stainless steel nails. when complete this will ensure a weather tight roof for 80-100 years.

Roof tiles are designed mainly to keep out the rain and are traditionally made from local materials including flat tiles, pantiles and barrel tiles, roof tiles are hung from the framework of the roof using nails usually in parallel rows with each overlapping the previous one. Old metal and wooden guttering will rust or decay over time, this will cause leaks which could eventually cause damp within your home or even flood your foundations.

Old metal and wooden guttering will rust or decay over time we can replace your old guttering with new long-lasting high-quality UPVC guttering. We can also install UPVC fascias and soffits to replace your current rusty or flaking cladding.

W e are able to undertake a number of leadwork tasks. Lead is more commonly used on the roof in valleys where two roofs meet where slating or tiling would not be possible or at the sides of dorma’s where the dorma cheeks meet the main roof.

We are experts in the supply and installation of roof lights and Velux Windows. We can remove chimney stacks from your home to create a fresh new look for your propertY to create the impression that the chimney was never there.